X Rocker 5129101 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair 2.1 Microfiber Mesh Review

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People seem to have realized the benefits that they would stand to gain if they make use of a gaming chair. Gaming chairs offer them an opportunity to enhance their gaming experience to a large extent. When we talk about gaming chairs, it is essential to understand that it is not just a simple chair. It needs to be equipped with features that would contribute to your gaming experience. It needs to have features that would enhance the quality of the audio while at the same time provide you with optimal comfort and support.

The X Rocker 5129101 gaming chair is one that offers you a distinguished and impressive gaming experience. It has been equipped with impressive speakers and subwoofers. With four speakers and a subwoofer, the gaming chair has the kind of sound system that would offer you an experience you would not have thought possible. The vibrations of the subwoofer ensure that you are able to acquire the experience of interactive audio. You would be able to feel the sound. The usage of this chair is not just restricted to gaming alone. You can use it to listen to music and watch movies as well. The speakers along with the subwoofer make use of the AFM technology, which serves to increase the quality of the sound and provide you with a better gaming experience.

One of the most appealing things about this chair is that it is easy to operate. There are no complexities involved that would render the whole thing complicated for you. You would find the controls to be well organized and easy to manage. You would be able to control all functions of the chair with ease. Thus, you would not have to pause the game in the middle and stand up to make changes in the settings. The control panel is easily accessible, and you would not have a hard time getting your hand on it.

You will find the gaming chair to be compatible with most gaming systems. You would also be able to connect it to the television and media players. It has been equipped with a built-in radio receiver that serves to work with any source with RCA stereo outputs. You can connect this gaming chair to multiple chairs to acquire the ultimate experience of gaming. It has a leathery feel to it, so you would be imparted with a luxurious feel with this chair. It certainly has all the features that will entice you to make the purchase.


People need to realize that regular chairs are not designed for the purpose of gaming. Thus, they do not have the ability to provide you with optimal support while you are playing. This is not the case with gaming chairs. This gaming chair has been provided with an ergonomic design to ensure that you are well supported while you play a game. You would not feel any discomfort, backache, or fatigue when you play the game on this chair. The chair has been designed keeping the requirements of the gamers in mind and thus, all the pressure points that tend to invite backaches have been taken care of.

To optimize your comfort, the chair has also been provided with arms and a pedestal with tilt and swivel capabilities. The armrest would provide you with optimal comfort while you play the game.

The feel of the chair is luxurious, and the filling is not too soft or firm. You will find the gaming chair to be comfortable and convenient.

Build Quality

You will see that the chair is easy to set up. It comes with an instruction manual that will guide you correctly with regards to setting it all up. The design of the gaming chair is such that you are unlikely to have trouble while storing it. It has been designed in an impressive manner with movable arms, vibration mechanism, speakers and much more. It also has an easy-to-use control panel. The gaming chair is easy to maintain, and cleaning it would not prove to be a difficult task. People of every age would be able to make use of this chair to acquire a unique and impressive gaming experience. It will not only provide you with support, comfort and a great gaming experience but would also ensure that it contributes to the style quotient of the room that you keep it in.

The X Rocker 5129101 is a great gaming chair, but be sure to check out all of our top reviewed X Rocker chairs before you make your final decision!

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