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Titan Watches: A Futuristic Fashion Statement


The 21st century chronometer is more than a timely device strapped to your wrist for the task of keeping track of time. The watch is also a status symbol, a fashion statement and it is expected to serve its very important task under conditions and occasions fit for its owner; be it a business executive, a sportsman or the lady at home.

Titan watches are a brand from Titan Industries, a leading brand in India and the world’s fifth largest watchmakers. Titan brand watches are precise, elegant and durable. Precision of these watches is achieved by use of timekeeping technology of quartz crystals thus resulting to far greater accuracy than the mechanical type of watches. These watches incorporate top range features such as date and time, altimeter, barometer and compass.

Titan Edge

It is a product of innovative technology, the Titan edge is the world’s slimmest watch with a thickness of 3.5 mm. Its size is complemented by its sense of elegance and simplicity.The ultra slim design is achieved by a unique combination of style and technology. They have the slimmest quartz movement with a measurement of 1.15mm. The Titan Edge has more than 18 spinoffs in different materials such as stainless steel and gold.Titan Fastrack; exemplary design and innovation

The Fastrack was launched in 1998 and was aimed at bringing about a freshness of style into the highly competitive watch industry. The high selling brand was created by incorporating exemplary design and innovation.The Fastrack is for the imperturbable and fashionable youth.

Titan Regalia

This collection is exclusively for men and it is available in both gold and silver. It is big, and   therefore it is suited to the names big boned wrist.

Titan Raga Diva

Designed exclusively for women, the popular Titan Raga Diva symbolizes all that is feminine by virtue of its curvy and graceful motifs.The Isisa, Selene, Kiara and Freya are some of the watches found in this collection.

Titan Bandhan

Available as a set of two or a pair, the majestic Bandhan collection is meant for a couple and it is meant to cement the bond between a man and a woman.It comes in silver or gold casing with leather straps.

Titan Nebula

A fantastic piece cast in solid 18-karat gold and other precious stones, the heavily jeweled timepieces are available for both men and women. Titan Nebula is truly worth its weight in gold.

Titan Heritage

The luxurious brands under this collection are inspired by the great Indian cultural and spiritual heritage such as the Sun God and the Taj Mahal. It is a moment in time for the greater India.

Titan Orion

Aptly named, this brand imbues masculinity for the 21st century man. Alpha, Leo, Aries, Centaur, Delphin are the star brands making up this constellation.

Titan Obaku

The superbly quality timepiece is made to be simple without loosing their elegance, the Titan Obaku collection comprises Mystique, Enigma, Cosmos , Galaxy, Pristine Eternity for men, Allure , Spark, Ebony Radiance for women.

Titan Octane

These multi-functional chronographs under the Octane stable are made to guarantee best performance for every sportsman. The Octane meant to withstand any weather.

Titan WWF

These are Nature themed watches for the nature lovers. Comprising of Rhino, Turtle, Dolphin, Whale and Red Panda, these elegantly designed watches are a campaign for the protection of the endangered species.

Titan Sonata

A favorite with the Indian working class from the well respected brand, the melodious Titan Sonata watches are affordably priced but maintaining the very high quality of the Titan Brands.

Titan Flora

Floral designs distinguish this collection to stand out from the crowd. They are for the lady that lavishes the scent and beauty of flowers. This is ideal gift by any gentleman to a woman in expressing his undying love for her and also appreciating her beauty.

Titan Purple

This is a simply designed but elegant woman’s watch. The Titan Purple is available in three models.Benefits of the Titan watchesPractically every man and woman’s fashion taste has been catered for in the Titan watches. Called the best from India, these watches really give you value for money. They are cheap and therefore people from different lifestyles can afford to buy the watches.

The watches are readily available, in India and to the whole wide world. All that one has to do is to buy online from the comfort of their living room and the watches will be delivered right to their doorstep.

Titan watches are the future fashion statement. After all, they are so elegant and futuristic such that they combine what is in existence today in fashion and what will come tomorrow. The good news is that with just a slim budget, you too can be part of this great revolution. Titan watches have large sales and service network and they come in wide variety to cater to the different market segments.

The Titan brands of watches are pacesetters in the lucrative watch making industry. The innovative technology combined with unique, simple yet stylish designs. Their durability and stellar performance under various environmental conditions not only makes them to be in very high demand, but it also makes them stand out as the wrist watch for every man, woman, and sportsman either in formal and casual wear.

Do you love revolutionary and futuristic fashion? Go for one of the exemplary and affordable Titan watches today.

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