The Trailer for Pixels Is Bad and Sony Should Feel Bad

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So this summer, all your favorite retro video game characters will be gracing the silver screen, in a movie called Pixels. Never heard of it? Lucky you. Starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James (I could probably just stop there couldn’t I?), it’s about aliens who misinterpret a time capsule full of video game clips as a declaration of war. And naturally they attack using video game characters…or something.

If Wreck-It Ralph was the shining example of how to do a video game movie and get it right, I suspect Pixels is going to be the poster child for everything going wrong. A trailer is supposed to make a movie seem as interesting as possible, but aside from slick special effects, there’s nothing worth going to the theater for. The jokes don’t seem funny, Adam Sandler films have been terrible for years now, and the premise itself isn’t that compelling, either. Here’s hoping we see something between now and July to convince us otherwise, but I’m not holding my breath.

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