RIP Stuart Scott

The ESPN anchor died January 4, 2015 from appendiceal cancer.
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Former ESPN anchor Stuart Scott, 49, passed away this morning after a seven-year battle with cancer. He had two daughters, aged 19 and 15.

For me, Stuart Scott was the reason SportsCenter was so much fun. To borrow one of his own lines, he was “as cool as the other side of the pillow.” Scott’s charisma oozed in everything he worked on, from anchoring SportsCenter to doing ESPN commercials.

Perhaps his best performance of all, however, was his speech at the ESPYs this past summer.

That his words inspired so many and his loss touches an entire generation of sports fans is a testament to this man’s presence, both on air and off. If you’re inclined, give this article by Steve Wulf a read. It’s an incredible insight into the journey Mr. Scott took before, during, and after his time at ESPN, and chronicles the impact he has had on those around him in that time.

RIP Stuart Scott. In your own words, “you beat cancer by how you live.” Your battle with cancer and the essence of your fighting spirit is an example for the rest of us of what life is really about.

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