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Can You Read This? Website Shows People What It’s Like to Read with Dyslexia


If you’ve been reading normal websites (like Macrospective) without difficulty, maybe it’s time to turn the difficulty up a tad. This site attempts to use Javascript to show visitors what it’s like to try and read a passage for people who suffer from dyslexia.

Of course, people have varying degrees of dyslexia, and some have argued that the letters move too quickly, or that the fact that the first and last letters are always fixed makes it too easy. For what it’s worth, it feels a bit like those passages where all the letters were jumbled up but our brains can still figure out what it’s saying. So does that mean dyslexia isn’t hard? Not at all! In fact, it’s worth realizing that this is much easier for us because we already have learned how to read. Imagine being a child looking at that paragraph and trying to read aloud in class, then being told they’re wrong, not trying, or just dumb.

Give it a try and see for yourself. Maybe next time you run into someone who says they have dyslexia, you’ll be less dismissive of the struggle.

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