Why Processed Foods Can Derail Your Health

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A Glimpse Into Processed Foods

In this day and age, individuals trying to find a more healthy life are recognizing the horrible truths about the foods that are processed that they have been consuming without question for a long time. Clearly, we live in the Western world, particularly in an age of prosperity. We’ve got just about more of everything than before, more food than ever, more individuals than ever, and more resources than ever.

But at what price are we living in this world of excess? A hidden cost can be found in our food. We do not actually think about what we’re buying and eating; our grocery stores are always stocked full of our favorite packaged foods and goodies, and nothing makes us happier than to put these treats in our bellies. The majority of us do not care that the bulk of the food we eat is really processed in a factory or possibly do not understand. Convenience comes at a cost, and with food that cost comes in the form of poor nourishment and empty calories.

“I’m addicted to cucumbers!” said no one, ever. Many people enjoy cucumbers, but hardly anyone craves them. That is because whole foods in their own natural state are accurately balanced for human nourishment. Processing foods strips away vital elements of foods that are whole, like fiber, and this also alters how the body uses and digests the foods. As a result, we feel unsatisfied (even though we just ate a tasty, calorie-laden, nutrient-deficient meal) and our brains and stomachs ask us to eat more.

Obesity Problems

You search far and wide across the Internet and see everyone’s looking for a quick fix. Somehow, the answer to chemicals and additives to our food is to use even more chemicals to counteract their effects. Why else would Americans spend millions of dollars a year on fat burning supplements? The real answer—one that is both sustainable and will yield results—is staring us in the face: fix the problem at its source. Eschew processed foods with extra additives, and reap the benefits.

It’s not easy though, processing is so ubiquitous. For example, processed grains are in all of your favorites: waffles, pretzels, cereals, bagels, muffins, and cakes. You’d really be hard-pressed to go a single day without eating some sort of processed food, unless you plan ahead.

The effort would be worth it, though. By dosing the body with elevated rates of carbs (processed carbs digest faster), the body’s insulin levels are drastically increased (rapid carb loading leads to insulin spikes). Over time, this results in insulin resistance, which has been firmly linked to an entire host of maladies and illnesses, specifically including major weight gain and diabetes.

Wrecking Your Internal Ecosystem

Human beings have developed an advanced relationship with their gut biome over millenia of co-evolution. Processed foods upset that equilibrium, killing off many helpful microorganisms and suppressing their function, causing individuals to suffer with chronic digestive illnesses and abnormal cravings. Whole, unprocessed foods, on the other hand, firmly support digestive regularity and can alleviate the symptoms of chronic intestinal disease.

Disposition Killer

A lot of folks have noticed that eating lots of processed foods results in mood swings, memory problems, and even clinical depression. Few folks recognize that an all-natural body substance which helps control mood as well as melancholy, serotonin, is plentiful in the intestinal tract. Therefore, mind and the digestive system work together, each in stabilizing mood and mental health, each reciprocating the other.

Most mental health specialists understand that diet has a significant effect on mental health, and that the digestive system can have a major impact in how that all plays out, thereby resulting in a greater threat of depression and poor moods.

Choose Natural

So now the decision is yours. Do you want to stick with the status quo and keep stuffing your body with the processed foods that are polluting our food supply? Or is it time you got back to the foods our bodies were designed to process, organic, natural, and raw?

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