Vitamix S30 Personal Blender Review

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Vitamix S30


Love It » Portable 20 oz container great for people on the go; backed by a 5 year warranty

Hate It » Significantly less powerful than other Vitamix blenders; similar features available for less with other brands

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While Vitamix carries a longstanding reputation for premium countertop blenders, the S-series marks their first entry into the realm of personal blenders meant for single-serving, on-the-go usage. This space has previously been dominated by brands like Magic Bullet, Ninja, and a variety of standard household brands. So does the new Vitamix S30 disrupt the old hierarchy, or does it just end up diluting the brand? Let’s find out.


  • 790 watt motor (variable, 10-speed)
  • 20 oz portable container
  • 40 oz family-size container
  • BPA-free
  • 3″ diameter laser-cut, stainless steel blades
  • 5 year warranty

Hit or Miss?

The S30 certainly has plenty of oomph, though it’s not on the level of the Classic (C-class) or Next-Generation (G-class) blenders in Vitamix’s lineup. Still, it has no problem chopping, creaming, grinding, heating, churning, and (of course) blending with ease. It can handle ice cubes, no problem. Though some users report that smoothies come out as smooth as in the Vitamix 5200, others have reported chunks, particularly with hard ingredients like almonds. It seems the 20 oz container has more trouble with this than the 40 oz.

Convenience-wise the S30 offers a trade-off. On one hand, you have a perfectly portable 20 oz container that even comes with a flip top to get you in and out of the kitchen fast. On the other, you have a blender that lacks the self-cleaning ability of other Vitamixes—this blender is dishwasher safe, but nothing beats a 30-second cleanup with the more conventional blenders.

Nonetheless, many users are more than happy with their investment; here’s what they had to say…

What People Are Saying

Overnight, [the Vitamix S30] has allowed me to improve my diet enormously with minimal effort. I come home from work, toss some veggies and fruits into the small container, screw on the blade, seat it into the mixer base, and 30 seconds later I’m relaxing on the sofa enjoying fresh produce as my after-work cocktail…The price is high compared to the Magic Bullet and similar blenders, but the thoughtful design and solid construction is what you’re paying for – and it’s worth it in my opinion. The produce is ground up very quickly and thoroughly, no matter what you put in there.

—Cathy S, Amazon Reviewer

This unit is perfect for me. However it might not be ideal for a household of more than 1. It doesn’t blend as well as my parents’ rock star Classic Vitamix, but it still gets the job done! I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase/investment.”

—Emilee, Vitamix User

I received this blender as a gift when my my old blender had lackluster performance. I couldn’t be happier. This is a very powerful blender and performs beautifully. I love the convenience of the to-go cups, and the 40 oz container is perfect for me because I am cooking for one person.”

—Christina, Vitamix User

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The Vitamix S30 personal blender is Vitamix’s first entry into the personal blending arena. It carries the pedigree of a top-of-the-line blender manufacturer, but lacks in features that make it stand out in the category. It can be finicky at times also, requiring ingredients to be put in a specific order (follow the included recipe book) to ensure that it blends well. While the to-go container is convenient, the absent self-cleaning functionality (due to the lower power of the motor, no doubt) makes the overall effect on convenience a wash. Still, for a single user wanting to make their first Vitamix purchase, the S30 is a decent choice.

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