Things You Never Knew You Needed: “Wine” for Cats

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If you’re a crazy cat lady (or man, not that there’s anything wrong with that), maybe sometimes you’re stuck spending your Friday nights (aka every night night) alone. And maybe on some of those crazy, lonely nights, you want nothing more than a glass of wine (or a bottle, I mean, who’s there to even judge you, amirite?).

But drinking alone is for losers. (Ahem.) So what to do? Are you stuck spending your night (gasp!) sober?

Fear not! For now there’s wine for cats!

Wine Cat

Aww yiss.

Straight out of Japan (because seriously, where *else* would something like this come from?), there is a limited run of “wine” for cats. Well, except that it’s not really wine at all. Actually it’s pretty much grape juice. And catnip. Couldn’t you just make this at home? Uh, I’ll be in the kitchen…

h/t Time Magazine

EDIT: Oh wow, look at the time. Apparently this is really old news. Guess I’ll have to make my own bootleg cat booze for sure…

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