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TeamSpeak 3 APK Download For Android 2017 [Updated]

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TeamSpeak 3 APK by OnHax is now available to download. The Hack APK has everything unlimited and unlocked for free.

TeamSpeak 3 Download

TeamSpeak 3 is a great android tool which is a complete program in itself. In Android, we came across many great application and tools but TeamSpeak is more than just great. It’s a complete program in its self which includes hundreds and thousands of options.

TeamSpeak is a great business tool, you can manage your whole business with this single application that enables you to be in touch with your clients and staff with single clicks. With TeamSpeak application, you have a client TeamSpeak 3 server which brings you in contact with your clients from anywhere anytime.

There are a lot of other features in TeamSpeak 3 like online gaming, education, business, and keeping in touch with your nears and dears.

You can download the APK version of the game from the above download link or button, below we are going to discuss TeamSpeak 3 Features, its way of working and other stuff.

If you want to buy Teamspeak 3 server, you can buy that from their official website i.e www.teamspeak3.com.  You will also find all information related to TeamSpeak there.

So first we are going to find out how TeamSpeak 3 works.

How TeamSpeak 3 Works:

After Downloading TeamSpeak Apk, you will need to host your own TeamSpeaker Sever, however, if you don’t want to host your own Hostas it’s a little bit technical so in such case, you can rent a server directly from the main developers.

After getting your server it’s easy to use TeamSpeak, now share the server web address with all those people who you want to be in contact with you through TeamSpeak 3. Once you provide them server address, they can easy contact you through TeamSpeak 3 either through TeamSpeak 3 client for the desktop which is free to download or through TeamSpeak 3 Android Application whose Apk File is mentioned above.

Features of TeamSpeak 3 Apk:

  • Add Thousands of Clients To Your Server: The Golden Feature of TeamSpeak 3 is that it allow you to add thousands of clients on your TeamSpeak 3 servers. The server is made capable of holding thousands of users without lowering the quality.
  • Highly Secure: Second Feature, which I like the most, is that with TeamSpeak 3 you can not only hold thousands of clients on your server, but it also provides you a secure chat room and calls conversation in which you can share any your business affairs without any hesitation.
  • Free Desktop Client Version: Clients are allowed to used the free client’s version on their desktop. They can directly download TeamSpeak3 Client Version to their desktop and connect it to your TeamSpeak 3 servers to start the communication. Clients can also use TeamSpeak on their Android devices
  • Low Bandwidth And Usage: The app tries to deliver low bandwidth and usage so that even if you are having thousands of clients even so the quality of the app doesn’t decrease.
  • Clear Voice Quality: TeamSpeak Opus audio codec delivering unmatched voice quality, auto microphone adjust, echo cancellation, reduction in background noise, in short crystal clear sound for remote business communications.
  • Connect To Multiple Servers: You can have access to more than one server easily. Each server is arranged in a particular manner that makes the selection between different servers more easy for you.
  • Permissions: You have all controls of your server. You can make a choice that who can join, or who can talk. All the permission are within your hands.
  • Customization: Customization the app is very easy, and you can change all the options and tools according to your needs.
  • File Transfer: TeamSpeak is an easy and fastest way of file transferring between client and admin.
  • Channels: Admin can easily create channels through which he can deal different groups of clients. Similarly, admin is authorized for removing any channel.
  • Auto-Away Status:  you can also set auto-away status on incoming calls.

What’s New In Latest Version:

  • Get new bookmarks interface with support for folders.
  • Improved channelinfo, clientinfo, image handling (ts3images, icons)
  • TSDNS reliability improved.
  • Bug of ignoring port while connection has been fixed.
  • New Needed Talk Power option has been added in channel screen edit
  • Support for IPv6 connections has been included
  • Many other small bugs have been fixed with performance improvements.

TeamSpeak 3 APK Free Download Links

TeamSpeak 3 APK | Mirror Link 

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