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School of Dragons v2.7.0 APK Download For Android 2017 [Updated]

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School of Dragons v2.7.0 APK by OnHax is now available to download. The Hack APK has everything unlimited and unlocked for free.

School of Dragons APK Download

If you are a fan of How to train your dragon movie franchise then here is a chance for you to play with all of your favorite characters from the movies. Toothless, Hiccup, and other Vikings are waiting for you to start this amazing adventure where you are going to train your dragons. Before you only loved them in the movie and now you have a chance to play with them in the most wonderful adventure on your android smartphone. Download the free APK for School of Dragons from our website start training your dragons. Listed below are some features of this game which you are definitely going to love.

Not only you have the chance to train your dragon but you can compete with them later to find out how you are at doing this. This job won’t be easy though and you will have to complete a lot of challenges to do the job. Raise these dragons, train them, and use them to fight the enemies who are against their existence. Doing a better job will promote you among the best dragon trainers in the school. To reach these high ranks, you will need to work hard and smart.

• All your favorite dragons from the movie franchise are now available in this game including Hiccup and Toothless.
• To become the ultimate dragon trainer, you will need to setup your own stables for the dragons and you can train up to 30 dragons.
• During the training of your dragons, you can play games such as shooting and head-to-head racing for fun.
• Vikings were born for forming and you have got do it as well. Setup your own farm, animals, and harvest crops to become a proud farmer as well.
• You can create your own avatar for the game, connect with other people in dragon school all over the world and live a real Viking life.

Download the free APK for School of Dragons right now from our website and play this wonderful adventure game.

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