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Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

Love It » Auto iQ presets help make blending the perfect smoothie even easier

Hate It » Short warranty

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With both a name and form factor that is reminiscent of the NutriBullet, it’s easy to assume that the Nutri Ninja is just a cheap knockoff of the original idea. But people who know about Ninja’s other blenders wouldn’t be so quick to judge, and we think that the Nutri Ninja is actually the superior product in the personal blender category. Let’s explore why.


  • 1000W motor
  • Single speed + pulse
  • Auto iQ system
  • 32 oz capacity
  • BPA-free
  • 1 year warranty
  • Includes Rachel Beller healthy living & recipe book

What Makes It Great

While the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ does have 1000W of power, what really sets it apart is how it’s able to use it. Thanks to the dual-extractor blades and Auto iQ system, it’s able to blend fruits, vegetables, and whole ice cubes into perfectly smooth shakes.

The Auto iQ system utilizes preset patterns of blending, pulsing, and pausing to really help incorporate and liquefy your raw ingredients. It’s the sort of thing that makes so much sense, you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been implemented sooner. For example, you can set it to “Ultra Blend,” and it’ll go through a whole range of blending styles to get you a chunk-free smoothie in under a minute. While it’s certainly nothing you couldn’t do yourself, it’s especially great when you’re on the go in the morning—who wants to waste time babysitting the blender?

The containers are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, so cleanup isn’t too much of a hassle either. Of course, since the blender comes with three containers and flip top lids, you have a little more convenience and flexibility at your disposal.

What People Are Saying

The Ninja works really, really well. I have used just about every type of vegetable and fruit in the blender so far, and the Ninja complete[ly] decimates all of them into a very, very smooth drink. I also used the blender to puree raw organic pumpkin seeds for our pets (pumpkin seeds have a natural enzyme in them that paralyzes tapeworms, so they leave your pet’s digestive tract, and pumpkin seeds are much cheaper than tapeworm meds). The seeds became very fine dust/paste.

—J. Shorts, Amazon Reviewer

…from a totally non “health nut” perspective, here’s what I think: This is one righteous blender.”

—Raven A. Wind, Amazon Reviewer

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The comparisons between the NutriBullet and the Nutri Ninja will be inevitable, but perhaps they are also the most telling. Compared head to head, the Ninja is able to produce a more consistently smooth product. Especially if you’re trying to use your blender as a juicer, you’ll have better success producing a grit-free juice using the Nutri Ninja. For that reason, if you’re considering a personal-sized blender with a mid-ranged budget, the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ gets our recommendation.

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