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Naked Whey Review


Editor's Review

10 Quality
9 Taste
8.2 Value

Even if you’re pretty invested in bodybuilding, protein supplementation, or whey protein powders, there’s still a fair chance you’ve never heard of Naked Nutrition and their whey protein powder, Naked Whey. While it’s certainly excusable, it’s also about time they get put squarely on your radar.

Naked Whey is relatively unique in the protein powder business. While most other brands offer blends of various forms of whey or even different protein sources, Naked Nutrition decided to keep things simple. They use 100% pure grass-fed cows for their whey and refuse to introduce any additives. That means no sweeteners, flavors, or colors. While not strictly organic (only because certifying a food as organic is a prohibitively expensive process for a small business), they adhere to organic practices, and state their whey is GMO-free, growth hormone-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.


The best thing about Naked Whey is the purity and quality of their protein. By sticking to just one ingredient: 100% grass fed whey, there’s no guesswork about what else might be in there or what amino acids might be used to artificially spike protein levels. Instead, you get 25g of real, usable protein per serving along with 5.9g of BCAAs, all in just 120 Calories. Another huge benefit is that since the amino acids undergo minimal processing, they are undenatured, which means that they haven’t broken out of their naturally-occurring 3-dimensional structure and are instead ready to be used directly for muscle tissue synthesis. What little processing that is required is done cold, which minimizes the introduction of heavy metals (a major concern with some protein powders) as well as bleaches and detergents. Start with quality and don’t muck around with it. That’s Naked Nutrition’s approach.

Score: 10/10


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You might think that an unflavored and unsweetened protein powder would taste terrible, but that’s likely because you’ve been using overly processed protein all this time. Users have raved about Naked Whey’s taste as being light, creamy, and refreshing. And since there’s no added flavors, you’re welcome to make of it whatever you’d like. No more having to buy one flavor for smoothies, another for pancakes, and yet another for protein fluff. Just blend in whatever you desire, and off you go. As a side note, if you’re looking for something that produces a creamier shake, why not give Naked Casein a try?

Score: 9.0/10



There’s no two ways about it: Naked Whey is expensive. If you’re used to bargain bin protein, the price here might be tough to swallow. But many of you also know that high quality protein can get expensive, and while Naked Whey is still pricey by those standards, the reason is simple—doing things the right way is rarely cheap. Grass fed cattle and cold processing are expensive ways of going about things, and brands that cut corners don’t waste money on them. As a result, the value score here is a little bit in the eye of the beholder. On one hand, if you consider these things all absolutely necessary, Naked Whey deserves a 10/10, since they’re doing everything possible to bring a quality product to market. If on the other hand you believe protein should cost half as much as Naked Whey does, then you’ll probably see this as a terrible value. We’ve split the difference for the purposes of this review.

Score: 8.2/10


Final Word

A brand that ought to get a lot more press than it does, Naked Nutrition has developed a truly high-quality protein supplement that we thoroughly enjoyed reviewing. While the cost is a barrier to entry for some, those that are serious about protein—and willing to spend the money for it—absolutely owe it to themselves to give Naked Whey a try.

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