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Free Download Last Day on Earth Survival v1.6.12 b316 Mod APK

Download Last Day on Earth Survival v1.6.12 b316 Mod APK Free 


Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival Game latest version download onhax where all descendants are driven by one purpose: stay alive as long as you can. There is no room left for friendship, love and kindness. When the apocalypse comes you can trust only yourself and your gun.

Instructions for survivors:

Try to avoid panicking AND CRAFT!

Enhance your abilities and make all the more savage weapons against zombie walkers and different players. Thump their heads off!

Construct A SHELTER!

Construct a strong base to shield your life and belongings from strolling dead assaults and different survivors. Specialty and place traps to take hostages and influence them to lament taking from you.


You are alone against zombies and different players who need to take your assets. Command and control this savage dystopian world. Chase or be chased.


You can discover a great deal of helpful stuff to make your personal zombie survival vehicle. Don’t miss the opportunity to ride a Chopper through strolling dead crowds and dystopian scenes.


Wild creatures, appetite, thirst and frosty can execute you quicker than a mobile dead armed force. Chase creatures and get ready nourishment over a pit fire, gather water with rain catcher and murder different players to get their provisions. Feel the soul of genuine survival!


Hunt abandoned military dugouts and survivors’ bases so as to discover and take the most important assets. Art survival vehicles and travel to abandoned city ruins. You can go to inaccessible regions and assemble a safe house wherever you need.


More powers, more open doors and more possibilities that you won’t kick the bucket today yet someone else. Claim domains with your family and influence others to work for you.


Utilize the talk, information is the second most critical asset in this world loaded with strolling dead crowds.

Last Day on Earth Survival v1.6.12 b316 Mod APK

In 2027 a flare-up of an obscure zombie infection wiped out a large portion of the total populace. Life was emptying ceaselessly out of individuals however the pandemic was transforming them into crowds of the voracious strolling dead. Remain alone or collaborate with partners – you’re the one to pick your way on the planet loaded with disorder. Utilize any ways you can with a specific end goal to survive.

Welcome to the genuine zombie end of the world! In Last Day on Earth each your decision matters, each your oversight can be a lethal one. In the event that you fall flat, you’ll need to start from the very beginning once more. The nature will attempt to complete you off as brisk as a zombie or another player. Be watchful with picking partners. Today your accomplice has spared you from death and tomorrow they can shoot you in the back for a jar of bean.

Download and appreciate Last Day on Earth – another free zombie survival Game today!

What’s New in this version?

Christmas is coming and we are glad to display a refresh committed to this holiday:

— Decorate a Christmas tree and gather trimmings and your presents won’t influence you to pause.

— Added new occasion “Holiday Van”. Watch out for the worldwide guide, it will show up towards the holiday!

— Holiday weapons and defensive layer! Enchantment and firecrackers joined.

— Treats to any taste that likewise offer bonuses to details.

— Christmas without a turkey on the holiday table? No chance!

— Enable a gadget that can restart the Alfa shelter.

Download Last Day on Earth Survival v1.6.12 b316 Mod APK

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