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Kentucky Now More Likely Than Not to Go Undefeated


If you looked at our previous post about perfect NCAA brackets, you might’ve noticed that we relied pretty heavily on FiveThirtyEight for their statistical predictions in each matchup. Well, now that we’re halfway to having the Sweet 16 field set, Kentucky has finally jumped to being favored over the field to win the championship, which would also mean going undefeated for the season. If you read this piece on “How to Conquer Kentucky“, you’ll notice that, of the first two teams mentioned—Wisconsin and Arizona—Kentucky is guaranteed to face one of them in the Elite Eight.

Still, no single team has better than 10% odds right now to win it all (outside of Kentucky of course, at a whopping 55%). You’re facing long odds if you’re rooting for someone other than UK.

And just for kicks, ESPN decided to create a fantasy world where college basketball players stayed in school for four years. This is the insane lineup they’d be featuring in that case: Anthony Davis, Julius Randle, Marquis Teague, Karl-Anthony Towns, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Yowza.

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