Is It Time You Considered a PC Game Chair?

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While video game chairs are a hot item for gamers of all ages, PC game chairs hold the advantage of being far more versatile. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might prefer a PC game chair as your primary gaming chair.

What’s in a Gaming Chair?

There are a wide array of shapes, sizes, and specifications that gaming chairs come in, but the fundamental elements of gaming chairs are consistent across all models. The difference, really, comes in the matter of quality as it relates to the price that you pay. A major area of focus is comfort. Whereas a budget gaming chair might lead to some level of discomfort and muscle strain after several hours of use, a higher-end gaming chair may not meet with the same problems.

From a technology standpoint, gaming chairs are actually rather advanced given that they come with build in sound systems, a dizzying array of audio inputs, and even wireless radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

More Than Just Gaming

In fact, with gaming chairs being so versatile in their applications, it’s no surprise that you would want them to be used for more than just video gaming purposes. And while they certainly can be used for such activities as watching TV or listening to music, gamers who have invested in a PC gaming chair can also take advantage of the built-in comfort and functionality at their own office desks. After all,l a fancy PC set-up is sometimes referred to as a battlestation, and with the right PC gaming chair at your disposal you can really feel like you are commanding a powerful machine.

So Many to Choose From!

It’s true that there are many different brands of PC gaming chairs to choose from, and it can seem overwhelming at times. Fortunately, when you narrow your scope to reputable brands, the decision becomes a bit easier.

X Rocker

Surely if you’ve been considering a video game chair of any type, X Rocker has come across your attention. They’re the leaders in the market, and for good reason. Though you would be excused for thinking that X Rockers are made for living room (or game room) use, there are actually some models that would fit right at home at a desk instead. You can check out some such options in our full X Rocker Buying Guide.


DXRacer chairs look like a cross between your typical executive office chair and something you’d find in a purpose-built performance race car. And while that might sound odd to the uninitiated, to gamers that’s music to our ears. In fact, we at Macrospective thought so highly of DXRacer’s chairs, that we named it our best PC gaming chair!

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