How to Choose a Gaming Chair Worth Buying

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Buying a gaming chair is a serious investment so you’ll want to be sure that what you’re getting is actually worth the money. Of course you’ll take a look at several factors, including brands, price, specs, aesthetics and more. But if the name of the game is getting a good value for your money, you need to really be sure that the chair you buy is actually, well, worth buying.

Bargain Gaming Chairs

Bargain gaming chairs are the cheapest option for a gamer on a budget, but they’re also not truly gaming chairs per se. If you’re looking in the sub $100 price range you’ll find there simply aren’t that many options. It makes sense if you think about it since features like wireless connectivity and stereo speakers built into the chair all come with a cost. That said if you’re really just looking for a chair to sit on while you play computer or console games there are definitely bargain options available to help fit your budget .

Mid-Priced Gaming Chairs

The middle price range is typically a sweet spot for buyers who want good value without sacrificing some of the unique features that come with purchasing a gaming chair. While these types of chairs will run over $100 each, you can get a lot of nice features, such as 2.1 audio, wireless connectivity, plush upholstery, and more. Many of the X Rocker brand chairs also fall within this price range. that’s great news since a large number of gamers tend to be adolescents and young adults on relatively tight budgets. If you’re looking to capitalize on some of the features of having a gaming chair including some of the health benefits that can come along with it, you’ll definitely enjoy getting a mid-priced gaming chair.

High-End Gaming Chairs

For the high-rolling gamer who wants it all, a high-end gaming chair could be a dream come true. Especially good for gamers who plan to play for several hours at a time, a high end gaming chair can offer surround sound, extra comfortable upholstery, and even armrests and pedestals that can adjust your height. PC gamers looking at high end seating options can enjoy the feeling of sitting in a racing cockpit, as many PC gaming chairs come with a “bucket seat” look and feel. Though expensive, the build quality and feature set of these high-end chairs makes it clear why it’s money well spent. If you’re in the market for a high-end gaming chair, definitely have a look at our buyer’s advice so you can choose the gaming chair that’s right for you.

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