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Dating Advice for Teens


Whether you’re still in high school or just recently graduated, dating as a teenager can still feel like a daunting adventure. Young love is supposed to be fun, so take some of the pressure off by following these dating tips.

1. Be Bold

It’s 2015. If you’re a girl, there’s no need to wait around and try dropping subtle hints to let a guy know you’re interested. Make the first move and go for what you want. If a guy thinks you’re easy or is intimidated by a girl who’s ambitious and independent, he’s probably not mature enough for you, anyway.

And for both guys and girls, confidence is sexy, so go in with your chin up, make eye contact and tell that special someone how you feel. Sure, rejection sucks, but it beats the endless mind games and stress that comprise the alternative.

2. Be Romantic

Chivalry isn’t dead, but the days of it being a one way street are long gone. Whether you’re a male or female, doing something nice for your partner is always a good call. Sometimes the smallest actions speak the loudest, so sneak a little kiss on the cheek or just hold hands without worrying about being seen. Sometimes people get caught up in having to make a big show of things, but save that stuff for movie actors. Just be real and your partner will appreciate it.

3. Be Spontaneous

Dinner and a movie is nice and all, but how about switching things up sometimes? Depending on your age, your options might be limited, but activities like bowling, go-karting, mini golf, etc. can all be fun, affordable, and wholesome ways to break out of the routine with your significant other.

4. Listen to Your Parents and Peers

This isn’t going to be a popular piece of advice among you readers I’m sure, but believe it or not, your parents have your best interests in mind and have a heckuva lot more experience. While it’s true that a generational gap can mean your folks are “behind the times,” getting an objective view of your partner from friends and family is important. It’s easy to be blinded by puppy love or just not know what your SO is like in other settings, so listen when others give advice. It’s ok to dismiss it after you’ve given it some thought, but at least think critically about it before casting it aside.

5. Relax

It’s very common to feel stressed out by a relationship or a crush, especially early on. It happens to “grown ups” too. But when you’re feeling stressed out it’s important to take a moment to breathe and relax. If you and your bf/gf get in a fight, that’s ok—it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Take some time to cool off and things will likely be better. Worrying all the time certainly won’t help things any.

6. Use Your Words

A lack of communication can kill a relationship at any age, and teenagers tend to not like opening up to others. But an important part of building a relationship with someone is being willing to take those walls down a bit. If you’re not comfortable being yourself and admitting what’s bothering you, you can’t really have a fruitful relationship with that person. While boys can feel like they have to be stoic and hide their emotions, girls can worry about seeming needy and clingy, so this issue really goes both ways.

7. Be Safe

Don’t feel pressured to move faster than you want in a relationship, and don’t accept “everyone else is doing it” as a reasonable argument. Educate yourself about safe sex, contraception, and the morning-after pill, even if you’re not planning on having sex anytime soon. While I don’t mean to sound like your mom/dad giving you the “sex talk,” arming yourself with information now will undoubtedly serve you well in the future.

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