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The Best Vitamix Blender to Fit Your Needs


Vitamix is arguably the best manufacturer of blenders around. But they’re not cheap, and you want to make sure you’re making the right investment when you buy. Smart shoppers know there’s no such thing as a “best” product; you have to consider your own personal needs and preferences. Hopefully this guide will help you find the best Vitamix blender for you.

On a Budget: Vitamix TurboBlend

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Coming in at a price point that is in line with competitors like Blendtec, Cleanblend, etc., the Vitamix TurboBlend promises the same high powered blending prowess of more expensive Vitamix options without some of the extra features. The 2 HP motor and 3″ stainless steel blades can still blend your smoothies to a perfect consistency and even heat up your soups, but it only offers two speeds: high and low (most other Vitamixes have a variable, 10-speed option). It’s easy to overlook that, however, since most users find the two settings wholly sufficient.

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Top of the Line: Vitamix Professional Series 750

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Packing all the bells and whistles you could hope for, the Professional Series 750 features a 2.2 HP motor, 4″ blades, 10 speeds (plus an additional 5 presets) and the newly designed low-profile 64 oz container. If it’s the latest technology in blending, it’s probably in this unit. If you’re interested in making everything from smoothies to ice cream to soups and more, this blender is exactly right for you. Plus it comes with a 7 year warranty, a reflection of the build quality Vitamix puts into their blenders. If you’re not dead set on getting the most advanced blender on the market, consider checking out the CIA Professional Series as well.

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On the Go: Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

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The S30 is a different spin entirely on the traditional Vitamix approach. Featuring a much more modest 790 watt motor, the S30 isn’t going to blow you away with its power. Instead, it has a super convenient flip-top container that means you can blend your morning smoothie then pack it up right away. If you’re someone who’s always in a rush but wants to have the advantages of a raw, natural diet, the Vitamix S30 will do nicely. It’s on the lower end price-wise for Vitamixes, though if you’re just looking for a real bargain, the TurboBlend listed above is probably still the better bet.


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