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The Best Gaming Computer Desks


Whether you’ve always been a believer in the “PC Master Race” or you just recently decided to upgrade to a gaming rig, your high-end computer deserves a gaming computer desk that can do it justice.

If you’re just going to play Plants vs. Zombies or Sim City all day, maybe this isn’t really a matter of much importance. But if you’re playing competitive first person shooters or real-time strategy games, you know that every second counts, and a wasted movement can be the difference between the glory of victory and the agony of defeat.

Ok, enough with the histrionics. Here’s the Macrospective list of the best gaming computer desks out right now. We’re confident one of them will be the perfect fit for you. (Note, they’re listed here in no particular order because at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference.)

Atlantic Gaming Desk

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As one of the few desks out there marketed specifically as a “gaming desk,” the Atlantic Gaming Desk probably would have made this list by default. But while at first blush it may look like a cheap attempt to appeal to gamers, this desk is actually a very capable piece of furniture.

If there’s one word people use over and over again to describe this desk, it’s “sturdy”. The steel rod construction helps ensure that this table doesn’t wobble while also making it light enough (37.4 lbs) to move around if needed. If you’re ever planning on throwing a LAN party in your basement, this gaming computer desk would be ideal for that purpose.

What really sets the Atlantic Gaming Desk apart is the numerous built-in holders it features. There’s a cup holder that can easily accommodate a 32 oz soda, a holster for your gaming headset, mounts for speakers, a tray for your phone and accessories, and even a rack for games and controllers. Someone must have made a checklist of things gamers might want and set about trying to tick off everything on the list. Clearly they did well, since this desk has an average 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

That said, there are a couple of things that really prevent this from being a true “gaming desk”. First of all, with all of the extra attachments and racks on the desk, there simply isn’t a lot of leftover real estate. There is an included monitor stand, but attaching it means you’re forced to stick to one monitor—not ideal for anyone with a dual-screen setup. And while you can skip the stand to make room for side-by-side screens, you’ll have to move the monitors further forward, eating into your keyboard and mouse space.

This gets into the second issue. This desk lacks a sliding keyboard tray, which would have really helped make it possible to take advantage of all of the extra bells and whistles without feeling like you need to make compromises. The media tray that comes in its place is rather disappointing, and being able to put a keyboard and mouse in that space would have been a much more desirable option.

Still, on the whole, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is a great choice, especially given the price. It has a list price of $149.99, though it routinely sells for under $100. If you’re looking for a high quality, sturdy desk for your computer gaming needs while also saving a bit of dough (especially after splurging on your rig), this desk is the right way to go.

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Bell’O 47″ Computer Desk with Curved Wood

Bell'O Computer DeskSee It Now on Amazon

If you look up “sexy” in the dictionary, you’ll probably find a picture of this desk. Made of real curved wood, tempered glass, and black painted steel, the stunning aesthetics of this desk will really pull the whole look of your battlestation together.

Unlike the Atlantic Gaming Desk above, this computer table eschews frills in favor of a sleek and minimalist—yet functional—appeal. With surface dimensions of 47″ x 24″, there’s plenty of room to feature two (or possibly even three) monitors for a truly immersive gaming experience. And you can save desk space for things that are actually important, thanks to the sliding keyboard tray under the table. Whereas other computer desks often fail by making the tray too small to accomodate both a mouse and keyboard, the Bell’O desk has a pull-out shelf that measures 30.5″ across and 12″ deep: big enough for a full-sized keyboard and a mousepad.

The look of a perfect setup would be ruined if there were cords and wires running every which way. That’s why the Bell’O Gaming Desk comes with its own CMS® cable management system, which allows you to sneak your wires through one of the supporting pillars, ensuring that they don’t get in your way and they don’t ruin the look.

The one thing to be aware of is that although glass looks great, it can be problematic with some gaming mice. While mice like the Logitech Performance MX (see it here) have a darkfield laser tracking system that allows them to track on glass, most standard gaming mice use an optical tracker and/or laser that can struggle or fail entirely on a glass surface. The solution, however, is simple: buy a mousepad and you’re good to go. In short, there’s no reason to let the all-glass surface of this table be a negative factor. If you want looks that can kill even when you’re not sniping enemies online, this Bell’O Computer Gaming Desk is a perfect choice for you.

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Also Consider: Z-Line Claremont Desk (very similar aesthetic, but the keyboard shelf is smaller; a reasonable option if you’re planning on only using the desk surface anyway)

Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk

L-Shaped Computer DeskSee It Now on Amazon

If you’re looking for some old school cool to go with the cutting-edge tech in your PC, this L-shaped corner desk may be a terrific fit. Pretty much the opposite of flashy, this computer desk features an antiqued paint style, making for an understated look that would fit in perfectly with an office, den, or even living room.

Space-wise, it’s hard to beat an L-shaped desk for efficiently giving you the most desk space without eating up too much square footage in your room. with each leg of the “L” being 66 1/8″ long and 22″ deep, you’ve got 16.8 sq. ft. of surface area to work with. And since you can mount the slide-out keyboard tray right at the corner of the desk, you can really take advantage of the desk’s shape with a triple monitor setup if you choose. Speaking of the tray, it’s made of wood (meaning you wouldn’t necessarily need to get a mousepad) and 29″ wide, so there’s plenty of space to accommodate both your gaming keyboard and mouse.

A couple of neat features to note are the hideaway cabinet for your CPU tower and a grommet hole for cable management. The cabinet is nice if you’d like to consolidate everything into a nice, neat workstation look, though you should consider airflow and cooling issues before keeping your tower in an enclosed space. Obviously if your system is water-cooled, this would be an ideal way to take advantage. The grommet is a nice feature that you see with a lot of office desks, and it does help keep all your cords running together somewhat, but it’s not nearly as elegant a solution as Bell’O’s CMS®.

Sauder is a well-respected brand when it comes to building tables, and the Harbor View is just one of a number of collections they have available. Their quality is backed by a 5-year warranty, so your rig will probably need upgrading before you ever have an issue with this desk.

If you’re looking for a truly high-quality gaming desk that doesn’t actually scream “I’m a gamer!”, this desk from Sauder is a great choice for you. It’s got a lot of features for a PC gamer to like, including plenty of desktop and keyboard space as well as a nifty tower cabinet. Being able to put your keyboard in the absolute center and really feel like you’re in control of a battlestation is a definite plus as well. It’s also exceptionally sturdy (backed by a 5-year warranty) thanks to its rock-solid construction. A terrific long-term buy.

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Also Consider: Z-Line Belaire Glass Desk (a modern all-glass gaming computer desk with an enormous keyboard shelf [34″ wide]; sturdy construction with hundreds of positive Amazon reviews)

Also Consider: Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk (listed here because it’s a best-seller, but beware the small tray: it can only fit a keyboard, meaning you’ll have to use your mouse on the desktop surface—not ergonomically ideal)

Don’t Forget

Your gaming setup wouldn’t be complete without a gaming chair to go with it. Check out these chairs for the right mix of comfort and sound to keep you immersed in the action and cool under fire.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series

This chair features a 2.1 speaker sound experience complete with Audio Force Modulation Technology that makes you literally feel the impact. Plush padding and gunstock arms make for great comfort and style.

X Rocker 51092 Spider

The Spider adds an additional vibration motor to the X Rocker's already potent Audio Force Modulation to help you really feel like you're in the middle of the action. Flip up arms and padded cushioning add to your sense of comfort, ensuring you're at your best even at the end of a long gaming marathon.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Desk Chair

No built-in speakers or motors in this chair, but for anyone spending long hours at a desk, the Herman Miller Aeron is a study in comfort. Built with ergonomics in mind, the Aeron has features like a PostureFit lumbar support system and a gently curving front lip to ease pressure on your thighs. Though it's expensive, there's a reason why this chair is ubiquitous in offices and boardrooms around the globe.

How to Pick the Right Computer Gaming Desk for You

The path to selecting the best gaming computer desk starts with understanding the basic criteria any gamer would want fulfilled. Simply put, they can be broken down into four areas: Space, Ergonomics, Features, and Price.


Any gamer needs room to move around as they’re gunning down enemies or planning large-scale invasions. And especially if you have a dual or triple monitor setup, space is a resource you don’t want to come up short on. A gaming desk can maximize space either by being large or by smartly building in shelves, etc. to allow you to make efficient use of the surface area available. On the flipside, a cluttered workspace full of needless racks and other “features” could really hamper your ability to make use of the space available. A cramped gamer is at a disadvantage, so make sure you’re not playing with a handicap.

Best in Class: Bush Business Furniture Series C

Bush Furniture C SeriesElegantly simple yet astoundingly huge, this desk is a full 71″ across, giving you ample room even if you’re running multiple 4K displays. Plus, the middle of the desk actually bows outward (to a depth of over 36″), giving you a curve to follow when setting up your monitors. Nice.

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If you like going on hours-long raids or setting out on extended gaming marathons, the importance of ergonomics is all too clear to you. Sitting hunched over with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor that are each at suboptimal positions can really put a lot of strain on your body. Lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome are just two examples of ailments you could deal with from a gaming setup that isn’t ergonomically optimized. Gaming is supposed to be relaxing; you shouldn’t feel worn out at the end of it. Getting everything in a natural position is an important factor in making gaming fun (and easier to boot!).

Best in Class: Herman Miller Envelop

Herman Miller EnvelopThe Envelop has a unique design that allows it to adapt to your position. Unlike other desks that are static, the Herman Miller Envelop can actually tilt to change its angle, keeping your peripherals right where you need them while your eyes and body position themselves according to your monitor height. No more feeling forced to stare at the screen at awkward angles—the Envelop corrects for it all.

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If your computer gaming desk is also serving as a true workstation, you need it to be able to do anything and everything. That means having drawers, shelves, racks, and more all at your disposal. Ultimately, it’s up to you which specific features matter most, but determine what emphasis you want to place on those things in advance so you’re not swayed by a “must have” feature that you don’t actually need.


Price really needs no explanation. Desks for computer gaming and/or office work can range in price from around $100 to as much as $1000. While you generally get what you pay for, a more accurate way to look at it is that quality doesn’t come cheap. The difference is that something can be expensive without any actual added value, and the skill is in distinguishing what’s worth the money for your personal needs. The computer desks we’ve recommended represent good values at their respective price points, but you should also consider how you personally weight the other three factors above when coming to your own personal decision.

Beware of Glass

Metal and glass computer desks look great, but can be problematic for gamers. Yet, you’ll notice we still recommended a gaming desk with a glass surface. So what’s the issue, and how can you resolve it? It’s quite simple, really.

Optical Mice

Unless you’re using one of the Logitech MX mice (like the Performance MX), it’s likely your gaming mouse uses a standard optical sensor. Gaming mice especially are all about high DPI precision, so they use specialized lasers, but not the darkfield lasers exclusive to the MX line. While many mice can work on glass (usually if it’s thick), it’s often not without its limitations, and for a gamer that demands high performance out of his/her peripherals, the experience can be frustrating.

The Solution

The expensive solution is to buy a new mouse that can handle glass. The easy (and much cheaper) solution is to just buy a mousepad. Not only does that allow you to use the gaming mouse of your choice, you can also add a little extra flair by picking out a pad that really suits your style.

A Few More Gaming Computer Desks for Your Consideration

If you really want to exhaust all the options, here are a few more tables to add to your comparison list. Though they didn’t quite make the first list, they’ve still got many great features that’ll put a smile on a gamer’s face.

Z-Line Cyrus Workstation

Z- Line Cyrus Workstation

Three levels, including an extra-wide keyboard tray. The glass surface is gorgeous, but some quality questions remain regarding the top shelf. Wheels at the base are nice if portability is important to you.

Techini Mobili L-Shaped Frosted Glass Desk

Techini Mobili L-Shaped Frosted Glass Desk

Another L-shaped computer desk to consider, this one features a glass desk surface with a wooden pull-out shelf. Note that like many other desks of this type, there is room for a keyboard, but not a lot left over to use a mouse.

Comfort Products Regallo Expandable Desk

Comfort Products Regallo Expandable L-Shaped Desk

The Comfort Products Regallo has a very unique feature: it can convert from a standard to an L-shaped desk just by swinging out the lower level. It's probably useful for some, but for most users it'll likely end up as just a novelty.

Photo Credit: The cover image is actually a custom gaming desk done by Red Harbinger. The computer components are actually built into the desk itself. It’s awesome, but not exactly something you can hop online and order for yourself. You can see more pics of it here.

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